Assault Disks

PROBLEM: You are in a restrictive environment, either your work has locked you down or your school. Say you are at a NT workstation that will only let you run WordPerfect. Sure you could just supervent the policies (w/ explorer.exe) but what you really want is to have a REAL Operating System at your disposal, like Linux.

SOLUTION: The Academic Underground Assault Disks will do the trick for you. There are two diskettes, 1 is a boot disk the other is an Assault pack. First you boot up with your disk, this will load the Linux 2.0.36 kernel and OS files into RAM. When you see the login prompt you are now running 100% out of RAM. Login and then load the Assault pack, this will give you all those handy dandy utils you just love. See below for a better desc.

REQ: You will need a bootable floppy, and at least 6 Megs of RAM.

This is just the basic boot disk. This was mainly taken from the Linux Router Project and modified to fit our needs. We added some needed libraries and modules for extra Filesystem support as well as some customized menus.

Here is were all the goodies are. Here is a short list on what is in the Assault pack: Together you have support for 3com/Intel/Novell network cards, and MINIX/MSDOS/VFAT/EXT2/NTFS local FS support. Once the disks are loaded they do not need to be in the drive anymore. Which meens that you will get full speed of aplications running 100% from RAM and you can freely stick blank disks in to save your log files and what not. Plus if you need to quickly erase evidence of your NEW OS just press RESET and blam, nothing.


BOOT DISK - Disk 1


DOS/WINDOWS Install: You will need to download RAWRITE.EXE and then type: RAWRITE ASSAULT.IMG A:

UNIX Install: just type: dd if=assault.img of=/dev/fd0

Then for disk two just copy assault.lrp to a DOS compatable disk.

That's it! Now you should be able to boot and load. Happy Hacking!

Here is a simple example of use: Joe Smack sits down at open lab and decides he wants to see how the network works for his Datacomm report but he is restricted to a lame NT box with just a few apps to use. So he pops in the boot disk and presses reset. Shortly the AUassault login appears and he logs in as root (Don't ask for the Password, I'm not tell'n). He then loads the Assault pack. He also uses the menus to setup his network card, and since he doesn't know an IP he accepts the defaults. Now he drops to a shell.

He loads up his NTFS module (insmod /lib/modules/ntfs.o) and mounts the local NT drive (mount -t ntfs /dev/sda1 /mnt). He then proceeds to copy the SAM file for later study (cp /mnt/WINNT/REPAIR/SAM._ /tmp). He slaps in a disk, mounts it and saves the SAM to it for later study. He then can load up his SMB sniffers and his hijackers to look for passwords, but Joe does not. Becuase he knows that it is wrong to hack into things. He only uses the info he sees of the network to setup his IP address to an unused one (check UP PCs w/ Hunt) so that he could see how proper TCP/IP traffic worked.

He then writes a nice paper on how TCP/IP handshacking and ARP is used in communications over the internet. NOTE: Joe Smack did not take home the SAM._ and expand it so he could run SAMDUMP on it to crack the Admin password, but mearly to attempt to fix a broken SAM on his home NT machine (this repair by the way did not work). Oh well Joe, maybe next time he can do a paper on how ARP spoffing and defeat switches to route all traffic to you, Nah, that too would be wrong