Here is a simple list of ongoing projects:

dwipe-0.1.tar.gz - Dwipe v0.1 - All purpose log wiper. Securely cleans WTMP, UTMP, LASTLOG and recursive log directories. Anti-Forensic and Anti-Debugging code. Unfriendly mode. No strings. Ability to replace entries and not just wipe them. Very Fast. Essential tool for any rootkit! (Last Updated 8/31/05)

Scientific Atlanta DVR unit - Research of time warners Scientific Atlanta DVR unit.

the Examiner - Disassembles foriegn binary executables and comments on the assemble source ocde. It provides a templete to edit when analyzing a possibly hostile executable with out the risk of running the binary itself.

CTF transmitter - Sends untraceble encrypted packets to communicate with other team members during CTF competitions. But of course could have other uses. Requires Perl Crypt-Rijndale, libnids, libnet and libpcap. Uses hping2 and the nemesis suite as well. NOTE: You will need at least libnet v1.0.2a[12/1/01]

Wins-toolz - A suite of utilities for using and abusing a Windows WINS servers. Includes tools to query a user name and retrieve their current IP address as well as a tool to slow down or kill a Windows users traffic based on their name. C0ded by Jason [10/01]

Assault Disks - Academic Underground Assault Disks are here! These are concice little disks, 1 to boot and 1 to install the hacker utils. These disks can be run from any where if you have a bootable floppy and at least 6 megs or RAM.

Password List - We are compiling a list of default passwords and locations to use with both password recovery and determining what a password is once the system has been reset to factory defaults.

Phone Map of local carriers. This is just a basic attempt to map some of the carriers in the 513/606 area code. Its an ongoing long term project to see what's out there. Check out the Phone Map section for more info.

POP3 Cracker v.02 (9/9/98) - This is a simple POP3 e-mail password cracker written in perl. It uses dictionary styled attacks. You will need to have perl on your system (da).

NBTscan (8/7/99) - This will scan a subnet and report on all the Windows 95/98/NT boxes on your net. It does a parallel scan and can give you a list of the pc's NAME, IP, USER, and WORKGROUPS.

AU Sniffit Web Plugin (alpha) (9/9) -This is a plugin for the infamous packet sniffer Sniffit. This plugin will extract the key information from people searching web pages. It basically just grabs the GET statements and a few other things, while trying to avoid Images and binaries. It great for seeing what people type in on forms such as Yahoo, or any other information.