Academic Underground Virus Archives

This is a storage area for use with the discussions and labs presented at the Academic Underground meetings. It is not ment to be used as a normal web page on which to download information but as an easily accessed guide to assist in the mobility of the presentations.

[Virus Container] Simplest Virus - Sept. 98
Companion Virus - Oct. 98
Parasitic Virus - Nov. 98
Simple ELF Parasitic UNIX Virus - Jan. 02

The Scans section lists popular anti-virus programs that have been run against the virus for detection. First is the products name then in parenthesis is what OS it runs on. And then is what year it was installed. Finally you will see a dash and then the results. All scans are done with the default settings unless stated otherwise.

BIOS/DOS Interrupts - A fairly complete list of all the fucntion calls for both DOS (int 21h) and BIOS (int 13h).
Windows Functions Calls - These were nabbed from the giant black book of computer viruses but are in no way a complete listing of the windows calls.

Other Virus Resources
Again, this is not to be used as a download point. If you are interested in the Academic Underground then go the the Main Page.