A.U. Virus Resources

This page is basically just thrown together at this time but should provide extra information to assist you in learning and understanding computer viruses. This will hopefully help those who are already more advanced then the current topics discussed at the Academic Underground meetings. There are NO binary viruses on this site only source code/zines/creation kits/etc.

Slam #4DOS/WIN virus Mag. Very good.
Infected Voice #1
Infected Voice #2
Russian Virus Mag. TXT. (English Version)
* TSR Virus Tutorial1997 TSR Virus Tutorial
VxD TutorailVirus Oriented VxD tutorial by 29A
* Macro Virus FAQ v1.0Word 6.0 Macro Virus FAQ v1.0
* Macro Virus TutorialMacro Tutorial by VBB Part 1.
* = Online

Virus Creators
BvGenBatch Virus Generator
BWupdat4Biological Warfare
CVEXCVEX Virus Maker
DNVGDirty Nazi Virus Genrator
EVCEjecutor Virus Creator
Ievcc019Immortal EAS Virus Creation Center
NRLG_v6bNuKe's Radomic Life Generator
OVCTOverwriting Virus Construction Kit
PS-MPCGPhalcom/Skism Mass-Produced Code Generator v0.91b
VCLVirus Creation Labs
VFVirus Factory
Yam-IVP2Instant Virus Production Kit